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45 players became NBA All-Star Game selections in their rookie seasons. This is the full list listed chronologically.
3 players achieve MVP honors, curiously in three consecutive editions: Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson.

Jack Molinas and Patrick Ewing are the only rookies selected who did not play the NBA All-Star Game.

Players who played in other leagues (ABA or NBL) and made the All-Star Game in their first NBA season are not included.

Stats column show these players rookie stats before the NBA All-Star Game. Only available stats are shown. N/A = Not Available.

List updated until 2018 edition.


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1951 Bob Cousy Boston Celtics Yes N/A
1951 Paul Arizin Philadelphia Warriors No 17.4 P
1951 Larry Foust Fort Wayne Pistons No N/A
1954 Ray Felix Baltimore Bullets Yes N/A
1954 Jack Molinas Fort Wayne Pistons No 12.1 P 7.2 R
1954 Don Sunderlage Milwaukee Hawks No N/A
1955 Bob Pettit Milwaukee Hawks No 20.6 P
1955 Frank Selvy Milwaukee Hawks No 20.6 P
1956 Maurice Stokes Rochester Royals No 15.9 R
1957 Tom Heinsohn Boston Celtics No N/A
1959 Elgin Baylor Minneapolis Lakers Yes 23.4 P
1960 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors Yes 37.3 P
1961 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals Yes 31.2 P
1961 Jerry West Los Angeles Lakers No N/A
1962 Walt Bellamy Chicago Packers Yes 29.7 P
1963 Terry Dischinger Chicago Zephyrs No N/A
1964 Jerry Lucas Cincinnati Royals Yes N/A
1965 Willis Reed New York Knicks No 18.4 P
1965 Luke Jackson Philadelphia 76ers Yes 15.2 P
1966 Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors Yes N/A
1969 Wes Unseld Baltimore Bullets No 15 P
1969 Elvin Hayes San Diego Rockets Yes 30.3 P 18.0 R
1970 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Milwaukee Bucks No 26.5 P
1971 Geoff Petrie Portland Trail Blazers No N/A
1971 John Johnson Cleveland Cavaliers No N/A
1972 Sidney Wicks Portland Trail Blazers No 24.0 P
1976 Alvan Adams Phoenix Suns No N/A
1978 Walter Davis Phoenix Suns No N/A
1980 Larry Bird Boston Celtics No 19 P 10 R
1980 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Yes N/A
1980 Bill Cartwright New York Knicks No 23.1 P
1982 Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons Yes 17.4 P
1982 Kelly Tripucka Detroit Pistons No 19.9 P
1982 Buck Williams New Jersey Nets No 15.5 P
1984 Ralph Sampson Houston Rockets No 21.3 P
1985 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Yes 27.4 P
1985 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets No 20.7 P
1986 Patrick Ewing New York Knicks No 20.9 P 9.2 R
1990 David Robinson San Antonio Spurs No 23.2 P 11.8 R
1992 Dikembe Mutombo Denver Nuggets No 19.1 P 13.3 R
1993 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Yes 24.0 P 14.3 R
1995 Grant Hill Detroit Pistons Yes 18.4 P 5.1 R
1998 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs No 18.2 P 11.5 R
2003 Yao Ming Houston Rockets Yes 13.0 P 8.1 R
2011 Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers No 22.8 P 12.6 R