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This list includes 50 players who averaged more than 13 rebounds per game in any season, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
Nate Thurmond tops the list with almost 20 rebounds per game in 1968-1969. In second place appears Bill Russell, who missed the NBA All-Star Game in his rookie season because he started to play late in December because he was playing in the Olympics (Melbourne 1956).
There are a lot of players with multiple appearances on this list, but Dennis Rodman with 6 seasons (all of them in the Top 15) clearly stands out. Four players show 3 times on the list: Walt Bellamy, Bill Bridges, Nate Thurmond and Wes Unseld. There are another seven players with 2 presences.
Stats updated until 2013-2014 regular season.

And this is the same list, but only displaying players with 12+ rebounds per game in any season that never have been selected for the NBA All-Star Game.
16 players with some of them making multiple appearances: Swen Nater 4 times, Happy Hairston 3 times, and Tom Boerwinkle, Ray Scott and Elmore Smith with 2.
DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond are the only two active players on this list.
Stats updated until 2013-2014 regular season.

Most rebounds per game in any season without NBA All-Star