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Players who were Starters in their first NBA All-Star Game

In more than 60 years of NBA All-Star history, players started the game in their first appearance as NBA All-Star players.
Joel Embiid is the last addition to the list.

6 of these players were selected as MVP of the game:
- Ed Macauley in 1951, the first NBA All-Star Game, obviously it was Macauley's first All-Star.
- 3 rookie wonders; Elgin Baylor in 1959, Wilt Chamberlain in 1960 and Oscar Robertson in 1961.
- Julius Erving in 1977, the first NBA All-Star since several ABA teams joined the NBA.
- And Tom Chambers astounding performance at home in 1987.

Players in blue are still playing in the NBA.
List updated until 2018.

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