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Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams are the last to show in the list of the 24 players who have been traded in their All-Star Seasons. Only players traded during the regular season (before or after the All-Star Game they were selected) appear on the list.

Almost every trade (21 of 26) were between different Conferences teams ("conference column" on the table below), teams don't want to strengthen their conference rivals.

Allen Iverson is a special case, the only player who is listed in multiple years. Fans kept voting him as a starter in his last two seasons, and he even did not play in 2010.

Danny Manning-Dominique Wilkins and Allen Iverson-Chauncey Billups are the only All-Star players involved in the same trade. In 1994, Los Angeles Clippers traded Manning for Wilkins and a first round pick. In 2008, Denver Nuggets traded Iverson for Billups, McDyess and Samb.

Frank Selvy wasn't traded before the 1955 NBA All-Star Game. He played for the Baltimore Bullets, a team that disbanded in November 1954, and was selected by the Milwauke Hawks in the dispersal draft.

Every time a player changed to a different Conference team before the NBA All-Star, he was selected for the new Conference roster.
The best example is the Iverson-Billups trade in 2009.

- "When? column" explains if the player was traded before/after the NBA All-Star Game
- Partial teams stats are not available before 1957.
- Stats abbreviations are simple: P = Points, R = Rebounds and A = Assists

DeMarcus Cousins 2017 After West to West Sacramento Kings:
55 Games 28P 11R 5A
New Orleans Pelicans:
Deron Williams 2011 After West to East Utah Jazz:
53 Games 21P 4R 10A
New Jersey Nets:
12 Games 15P 5R 13A
Carmelo Anthony 2011 After West to East Denver Nuggets:
50 Games 25P 8R 3A
New York Knicks:
26 Games 26P 7R 3A
Allen Iverson 2010 Before West to East Memphis Grizzlies:
3 Games 12P 1R 4A
Philadelphia 76ers:
25 Games 14P 3R 4A
2009 Before West to East Denver Nuggets:
3 Games 19P 3R 7A
Detroit Pistons:
54 Games 17P 3R 5A
2007 Before East to West Philadelphia 76ers:
15 Games 31P 3R 7A
Denver Nuggets:
50 Games 25P 3R 7A
Chauncey Billups 2009 Before East to West Detroit Pistons:
2 Games 13P 5R 8A
Denver Nuggets:
77 Games 18P 3R 6A
Jason Kidd 2008 After East to West New Jersey Nets:
51 Games 11P 8R 10A
Dallas Mavericks:
29 Games 10P 7R 10A
Gary Payton 2003 After West to East Seattle Supersonics:
52 Games 21P 5R 9A
Milwauke Bucks:
28 Games 20P 3R 7A
Dikembe Mutombo 2001 After East to East Atlanta Hawks:
49 Games 9P 14R 1A
Philadelphia 76ers:
26 Games 12P 12R 1A
Chris Gatling 1997 After West to East Dallas Mavericks:
44 Games 19P 8R 1A
New Jersey Nets:
3 Games 17P 7R 1A
Danny Manning 1994 After West to East Los Angeles Clippers:
42 Games 24P 7R 4A
Atlanta Hawks:
26 Games 16P 7R 3A
Dominique Wilkins 1994 After East to West Atlanta Hawks:
49 Games 24P 6R 2A
Los Angeles Clippers:
25 Games 29P 7R 2A
Ricky Pierce 1991 After East to West Milwauke Bucks:
46 Games 23P 3R 2A
Seattle Supersonics:
32 Games 18P 2R 2A
Bob McAdoo 1977 Before East to East Buffalo Braves:
20 Games 24P 13R 3A
New York Knicks:
52 Games 27P 13R 3A
Jim Price 1975 Before West to West Los Angeles Lakers:
9 Games 21P 5R 7A
Milwauke Bucks:
41 Games 15P 4R 5A
John Block 1973 After East to West Philadelphia 76ers:
48 Games 18P 9R 2A
KC-Omaha Kings:
25 Games 9P 5R 1A
Wilt Chamberlain 1965 After West to East San Francisco Warriors:
38 Games 39P 24R 3A
Philadelphia 76ers:
35 Games 30P 22R 4A
Tom Gola 1963 Before West to East San Francisco Warriors:
21 Games 13P 3R 4A
New York Knicks:
52 Games 12 P 5R 4A
Dick Garmaker 1960 After West to East Minneapolis Lakers:
44 Games 12P 4R 3A
New York Knicks:
26 Games 13P 5R 3A
George Yardley 1959 After West to East Detroit Pistons:
46 Games 21P 7R 1A
Syracuse Nationals:
15 Games 17P 7R 2A
Slater Martin 1957 Before East to West New York Knicks:
13 Games 9P 3R 3A
St. Louis Hawks:
53 Games 12P 5R 4A
Frank Selvy 1955 Before East to West Baltimore Bullets Milwauke Hawks
Andy Phillip 1953 Before East to West Philadelphia Warriors Fort Wayne Pistons
Jim Scolari 1953 After East to West Baltimore Bullets Fort Wayne Pistons
Dike Eddleman 1952 After West to West Milwauke Hawks Fort Wayne Pistons