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Donovan Mitchell was a great substitute and showed he is one the best dunkers to reach the NBA in recent years.
He needed an almost perfect performance (two 50's and two 48's) to defeat Cleveland Cavaliers Larry Nance Jr.

The contest included a lot of tributes to old dunkers, including Vince Carter, Larry Nance Sr and Darrell Griffith.

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Players 1st Round Final
Donovan Mitchell* 48+50=98 50+48=98
Larry Nance Jr 44+49=93 46+50=96
Dennis Smith Jr 39+50=89  
Victor Oladipo 31+40=71  

* Donovan Mitchell substitutes Orlando Magic Aaron Gordon (hip injury)

Mitchell First Dunk (one handed windmill off the backboard)
Mitchell Second Dunk (360 reverse with Vince Carter Raptors shirt)

Nance First Dunk (alleyoop windmill from Larry Nance Sr)
Nance Second Dunk (double tap off the backboard)

First Round
Mitchell First Dunk (windmill off another basketball backboard)
Mitchell Second Dunk (with Darrell Griffith uniform. Off the side of the backboard jumping over three people)

Nance First Dunk (same winner dunk Larry Nance Sr did on 1984 - second attempt)
Nance Second Dunk (strong one handed jumping behind the basket)

Smith First Dunk (reverse double pump - third attempt)
Smith Second Dunk (360 between the legs  - third attempt)

Oladipo First Dunk (missed dunk - reverse two handed)
Oladipo Second Dunk (tomahawk with 'Black Panther' mask - second attempt)


2016 Slam Dunk Contest was a show for the ages, and Aaron Gordon arrived to New Orleans 2017 like clear favorite, but he had a disappointing performance and barely managed to dunk in the first round. Glenn Robinson III jumping over people with a couple of 50s scores slam dunks won the contest. Unfortunately he received surgery on his ankle in mid-October and he still have not played in this season.

New Cleveland Cavaliers player Larry Nance Jr. becomes the first contestant whose father was in a NBA Slam Dunk. Larry Nance Sr. won the first NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1984.

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Best Dunks
*Donovan Mitchell Utah Jazz 6-3 96 First time Watch
Larry Nance Jr. Cleveland Cavaliers 6-9 104 First time Watch
Dennis Smith Jr. Dallas Mavericks 6-3 88 First time Watch
Victor Oladipo Indiana Pacers 6-4 95 Second time Watch