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Saturday February 18, Smoothie King Center

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After the great anticipation created because of the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest Aaron Gordon arrived to New Orleans like clear favorite, but he had a disappointing performance and barely managed to dunk in first round.
Youngsters Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr took over with some good slam dunks (both players had two 50s) and the Pacers forward win the contest because Derrick Jones Jr missed his first dunk in the final round.

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Players 1st Round Final
Glenn Robinson III 50+41=91 44+50=94
Derrick Jones Jr 45+50=95 37+50=87
DeAndre Jordan 41+43=84  
Aaron Gordon 38+34=72  

Robinson First Dunk (jumping over Paul George - third attempt)
Robinson Second Dunk (reverse two hand jumping over three people including Paul George)

Jones First Dunk (missed dunk - between the legs jumping over two people)
Jones Second Dunk (between the legs catching the ball in the air - second attempt)

First Round
Jordan First Dunk (jumping over DJ Khaled and his mix table)
Jordan Second Dunk (weak 360 between the legs)

Robinson First Dunk (one handed reverse jumping over two people)
Robinson Second Dunk (weak 360 with the forearm on his eyes)

Jones First Dunk (jumping over four people in a row - second attempt)
Jones Second Dunk (between the legs from the side off the backboard)

Gordon First Dunk (ball falling from a drone & between the legs - third attempt)
Gordon Second Dunk (missed dunk - 360 behind the legs)


The NBA Slam Dunk Contest repeats with a 4-contestants format.
There will be two dunks in the first round for each player. The two dunkers with the highest composite scores from the first round advance to the final round to make two more dunks.

Zach Lavine won't be back for a threepeat, and Aaron Gordon is a big favorite to win a trophy that he probably deserved last year in Toronto.

These are the Slam Dunk Contest judges: Dominique Wilkins, Gary Payton, David Robinson, Chris Webber and Alonzo Mourning. Predictions

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Best Dunks
Aaron Gordon Orlando 6-9 220 Second Time Watch
Derrick Jones JR Phoenix 6-7 190 First Time Watch
DeAndre Jordan LA Clippers 6-11 265 First Time Watch
Glenn Robinson III Indiana 6-6 222 First Time Watch

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