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Saturday February 13, Air Canada Center

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Zach LaVine became the sixth player to win at least two NBA Slam Dunk Contests, and it was not an easy feat.
Two tiebreakers dunks were necessary on the final, because LaVine and Aaron Gordon couldn't stop performing perfect dunks (eight 50's total in the contest).
A final round to be remembered. Probably the best NBA Slam Dunk Contest since Vince Carter's 2000 exhibition.

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Players 1st Round Final
Zach LaVine 50+49=99 50+50+50+50=200
Aaron Gordon 45+49=94 50+50+50+47=197
Andre Drummond 36+39=75  
Will Barton 44+30=74  

Watch all the videos at (click on the links below)

Lavine First Dunk (lob, one-hand grab and dunk)
Lavine Second Dunk (windmill from the FT line)
Lavine Third Dunk (lob behind backboard, between the legs reverse dunk)
Lavine Fourth Dunk (one step over the FT line + between the legs)

Gordon First Dunk (spinning mascot with the ball, catch & 360 with one hand behind the head)
Gordon Second Dunk (jumping over mascot, changing hands under the legs and backwards)
Gordon Third Dunk (Elfrid Payton to the side of the backboard, windmill dunk)
Gordon Fourth Dunk (double-clutch to ankles and back up over the head dunk)

First Round
Barton First Dunk (between the legs & reverse with two hands)
Barton Second Dunk (missed dunk)

Gordon First Dunk (360 + between the legs)
Gordon Second Dunk (jumping over Magic mascot + between the legs)

Drummond First Dunk (after two misses, throw the ball from behind the basket and easy one hand dunk)
Drummond Second Dunk (after a few tries, Steve Nash foot assist + tomahawk)

Lavine First Dunk (lob, wrap behind back, reverse dunk)
Lavine Second Dunk (jumping from the FT line catches Andre Miller alleyoop)


The NBA Slam Dunk Contest repeats with a 4-contestants format.
There will be two dunks in the first round for each player. The two dunkers with the highest composite scores from the first round advance to the final round to make two more dunks.

4 different players fighting for the trophy: two sophomores and two fourth-year players, two guards and two forwards.

Last year Zach LaVine confirmed that he was the best new dunker on the league, will he be able to repeat his title?

Nate Robinson in 2010 was the last player to win consecutive Slam Dunk contests.

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Best Dunks
Zach Lavine Minnesota 6-5 180 Second time Watch
Andre Drummond Detroit 6-11 279 First time Watch
Aaron Gordon Orlando 6-9 220 First time Watch
Will Barton Denver 6-6 175 First time Watch