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Saturday February 14, Barclays Center

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Although rookie Zach Lavine is the second youngest winner of the Slam Dunk Contest (Kobe Bryant was younger in Cleveland 1997), the competition was a (super)man amongst boys.
He didn't save the best for last. Two effortless perfect dunks (50 points) in the first round made clear he was the champion.
After the failed test in 2014 with the Slam Dunk Contest by teams, with dunkers like Lavine there is still some hope with the future of the contest.

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Players 1st Round Final
Zach Lavine 50+50=100 45+49=94
Victor Oladipo 50+39=89 31+41=72
Mason Plumlee 40+36=76  
Giannis Antetokounmpo 30+35=65  

Watch all the videos at (click on the links below)

Lavine First Dunk (between the legs with Wiggins)
Lavine Second Dunk (between the legs behind the backboard with Muhammad)

Oladipo First Dunk (missed dunk)
Oladipo Second Dunk (behind the backboard from Elfrid Payton)

First Round
Plumlee First Dunk (two hand reverse off the side of the backboard from Irving)
Plumlee Second Dunk (jumping over his brother Miles)

Antetokounmpo First Dunk (missed dunk)
Antetokounmpo Second Dunk (two hand reverse alleyoop with his brother)

Oladipo First Dunk (after singing Sinatra's New York, New York. 360 reverse dunk)
Oladipo Second Dunk (weak finish off the side of the backboard from E. Payton)

Lavine First Dunk (between the legs reverse dunk dressed as Michael Jordan in Space Jam)
Lavine Second Dunk (powerful behind the back)

Washington Wizard John Wall was last year NBA All-Star Dunk Contest champion by fan voting.

The competition was really different than your typical Slam Dunk Contest. 6 players competed representing East & West conferences, first in a 'Freestyle Round' and later in a 'Battles Round'.

The outcome was very poor, one of the weakest contests I can remember, so I hope that in 2015 edition there will be some changes to bring back the excitement to the contest.

For the first time since 2012, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest is back to a 4-contestants format.
There will be two dunks in the first round for each player. The two dunkers with the highest composite scores from the first round advance to the final round to make two more dunks.
Lot of potential with one rookie and three sophomores who are going to play in the NBA Rising Stars Game the day before the contest.
These are the Slam Dunk Contest judges: Julius Erving, Tiny Archibald, Bernard King, Chris Mullin and Walt Frazier.

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Dunks
Victor Oladipo Orlando 6-4 210 First time Watch
Mason Plumlee Brooklyn 6-10 235 First time Watch
Zach Lavine Minnesota 6-5 180 First time Watch
Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee 6-11 217 First time Watch