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Saturday February 15, New Orleans Arena

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East totally dominated the Slam Dunk Contest. First winning the Freestyle Round (3-0 votes) and later the 'Battles Round' (3-0 again). John Wall was named the best dunker by fan voting.

Watch 2014 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest video

Freestyle Round East: Watch Video
Freestyle Round West: Watch Video

Battle #1: Terrence Ross vs Damian Lillard (2-1) - Watch Video
Battle #2: Paul George vs Harrison Barnes (3-0) - Watch Video
Battle #3: John Wall vs Ben McLemore (3-0) - Watch Video

WINNER: John Wall (fan voting)


Four first-time contestants will join last year winner Terrence Ross and Pacers star Paul George, who didn't pass the first round in 2012.
After a few years of low-profile names, New Orleans Slam Dunk Contest includes three NBA All-Stars.

There are three players from East conference and three more from West conference and one HUGE change in the rules of the contest: The winner of the contest will be a conference not a player.

The Slam Dunk Contest will feature two rounds, Freestyle Round and Battles Round. In the Freestyle the three dunkers for each conference will have a 90 second limit to make as many dunks as they want, in the order they want and assisting each other if necessary. Each player has to make at least one dunk. The panel of judges will determine which conference win the Freestyle Round.

The Battle Round will consist of head-to-head matchups (East dunkers vs. the West dunkers). The conference who won Freestyle Round will be given the choice of order for dunks in the Battle Round. Each player will be limited to three attempts to complete a Battle Round dunk. Upon losing a head-to-head battle, the losing dunker is eliminated from the competition. The first conference to win three head-to-head battles will win the Battle Round and be crowned Slam Dunk champions.

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Best Dunks
Harrison Barnes Golden State 6-8 210 First time Watch
Paul George Indiana 6-8 210 Second time Watch
Damian Lillard Portland 6-3 195 First time Watch
Ben McLemore Sacramento 6-5 195 First time Watch
Terrence Ross Toronto 6-6 195 Second time Watch
John Wall Washington 6-4 195 First time Watch

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