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Saturday February 16, Toyota Center, Houston

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This contest was supposed to have a real high level, and started very good with the first three East dunks. Later Kenneth Faried and Eric Bledsoe needed a lot of attempts to finish easy dunks, and in their second dunks both James White and Gerald Green (two of the favorites) wasted 90+ seconds without any success.
Terrence Ross deserved to be the winner (thanks to fan voting) with four slam dunks full of athletic exhibition. Jeremy Evans is a deserving finalist who almost repeated champion title.

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Players First Round Fan Votes
Terrence Ross 50+49=99 58%
Jeremy Evans 47+43=90 42%
Eric Bledsoe 39+50=89  
Kenneth Faried 39+50=89  
Gerald Green 50+32=82  
James White 45+32=77  

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1st Round

Gerald Green first dunk (off the backboard side with Lance Stephenson, head over rim)
Gerald Green second dunk (missed dunk)

James White first dunk (two-handed slam jumping one step over the free throw line)
James White second dunk (missed dunk)

Terrence Ross first dunk (360 behind the back)
Terrence Ross second dunk (180 catching the ball in the air)

Kenneth Faried first dunk (soft 360 off the backboard)
Kenneth Faried second dunk (off the backboard & between the legs)

Eric Bledsoe first dunk (easy dunk)
Eric Bledsoe second dunk ('cradle the rock' dunk)

Jeremy Evans first dunk (over Mark Eaton)
Jeremy Evans second dunk (360 with 2 balls)


Terrence Ross first dunk (Vince Carter tribute, 360 off the backboard side)
Terrence Ross second dunk (over a ballboy & behind the legs)

Jeremy Evans first dunk (over a big canvas)
Jeremy Evans second dunk (one-handed catching the ball in the air)


For the first time since 2001, 6 players will participate on the Slam Dunk Contest.

Four first-time contestants will join two past winners of the contest: Jeremy Evans, last year champion; and Gerald Green, 2007 winner.

There are three players from East conference and three more from West conference. The dunkers with the highest score from each conference after the first round (two dunks) will compete head-to-head on the final, where fan voting (, twitter, mobile apps & SMS) will determine the champion.

Yao Ming, Clyde Drexler, Dikembe Mutombo, Rudy Tomjanovich and Hakeem Olajuwon will be the Slam Dunk Contest judges.

Player Team Height Weight Slam Dunk Best Dunks
Eric Bledsoe Los Angeles Clippers 6-1 190 First time Video 1 - Video 2
Jeremy Evans Utah Jazz 6-9 196 Second time Video 1 - Video 2
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets 6-8 228 First time Video 1 - Video 2
Gerald Green Indiana Pacers 6-8 200 Third time Video 1 - Video 2
Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors 6-6 195 First time Video 1 - Video 2
James White New York Knicks 6-7 200 First time Video 1 - Video 2

Fan Voting Results: