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Saturday February 13, American Airlines Center, Dallas

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Knicks guard Nate Robinson took home his third Slam Dunk Title over Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan, winning the fan voting by a slim difference 51%-49%. He is the first player to win the contest thrice.

Shannon Brown was really disappointing, eliminated in the first round after two weak dunks. Gerald Wallace showed that his time for this contest has passed.

Players First Round Final
Nate Robinson 44+45:89 51%
DeMar DeRozan 42+50:92 49%
Shannon Brown 37+41:78  
Gerald Wallace 38+40:78  

There are no surprises with the announcement of the NBA Slam Dunk 2010 contestants, all the Lebron hype about making the Slam Dunk Contest is clearly forgotten. There's no Superman (Dwight Howard) this year, so Nate Robinson won't need his Kryptonite dunk to repeat his 2009 title. He will compete against Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace and Lakers guard Shannon Brown.

Wallace return to the All-Star 8 years after his first Slam Dunk Contest, the new "longevity record" in the contest, beating Clyde Drexler who had a 5 years span (1984-1989) between his debut and his last appearance in the contest. In 2002 (Jason Richardson first All-Star show) he finished with 84 points, 1 point short to advance to the final. Shannon Brown will perform for the first time in Dallas. He has been a fan favorite in the last months with his huge leaps, and was a safe bet to take part in this year's contest. You can visit

The last player to put his name in the contest is Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan. Last year Rudy Fernandez won the rookie voting for the fourth spot on the 2009 Slam Dunk contest. This season the NBA has made a new system called "All Star Slam Dunk-In", to be played at halftime of the Friday's Rookie Challenge.
DeRozan compete against Clipper Eric Gordon. Both players had to make two dunks and DeRozan dominated easily making his dunks in the first attempt, including the best dunk, a great jump for a between-the-legs dunk. DeRozan got 61% of the fan SMS and online voting, while Gordon only had 31%.

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