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In his second appearance in the contest, his debut was in 2016, Devin Booker defeated Klay Thompson with a 28 record score (19-25 shots).
To reach these 28 points he made a 8 made shots run including a perfect fourth rack.

First round was the worst in many years, with no player scoring 20 points.

This contest was the fourth edition with the new rules. Every player can pick a rack to shoot five money-balls. That means that the new maximum score is 34 instead of 30.
No player has scored all the money-balls of the 'special rack' yet.

Watch the 3 Point Shootout Recap and Devin Booker scoring 28 points

Players 1st Round Final
Devin Booker 19 28
Klay Thompson 19 25
Tobias Harris 18 17
Wayne Ellington 17  
Bradley Beal 15  
Eric Gordon 12  
Kyle Lowry 11  
Paul George 9