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Saturday February 18, Smoothie King Center

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In his first appearance in the contest, Eric Gordon showed he was the most solid contestant but he needed an extra effort to defeat Kyrie Irving at the tiebreaker round.
Gordon was the only player to score a perfect rack and he did it two times (final round & tiebreaker) and also had the best run with 7 made shots.
Klay Thompson was just one shot away of defending at the final round the Warriors players streak in the contest.

This contest was the third edition with the new rules. Every player can pick a rack to shoot five money-balls. That means that the new maximum score is 34 instead of 30.
No player has scored all the money-balls of the 'special rack' yet.

Watch the 3 Point Shootout Recap and Eric Gordon scoring 25 points

Players 1st Round Final
Eric Gordon 25 20+21*
Kyrie Irving 20 20+18
Kemba Walker 19 17
Klay Thompson 18  
Nick Young 18  
Wes Matthews 11  
C.J. McCollum 10  
Kyle Lowry 9  

* Eric Gordon won the final tiebreaker 21-18.


Klay Thompson is back to repeat as 3 Point Shootout Contest champion. Could be the third consecutive triumph for the Warriors backcourt.

Nobody since Jason Kapono (2007-2008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.

The competitors with the highest score after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.

Stats through Feb. 3

Player Team 3PM 3PA %3P # Times
Kyle Lowry Toronto 162 379 .427 Second Time
Klay Thompson Golden State 149 370 .403 Third Time
Kyrie Irving Cleveland 102 258 .395 Third Time
Kemba Walker Charlotte 135 336 .402 First Time
Nick Young LA Lakers 128 302 .424 First Time
Wes Matthews Dallas 129 339 .381 Second Time
C.J. McCollum Portland 127 300 .423 Second Time
Eric Gordon Houston 170 440 .386 First Time

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