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Saturday February 14, Barclays Center

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There were really high expectations for this contest after seeing the list of participants, and the players did not deceive, specially Stephen Curry, who won the contest after a spectacular record-breaking 27 points in the final round, including 13 consecutive made shots.
JJ Redick made 9 consecutive shots in the first round, but he stepped into the line in the last 3 shots of the fourth rack.
Nobody made the 5 shots from the 'money ball' rack.

Watch the Contest Recap at and also Stephen Curry scoring 27 points

Players 1st Round Final
Stephen Curry 23 27
Kyrie Irving 23 17
Klay Thompson 24 14
Wesley Matthews 22  
Marco Belinelli 18  
Kyle Korver 18  
JJ Redick 18  
James Harden 15  


San Antonio Spurs Marco Belinelli defeated Wizards Bradley Beal in the final tiebreaker in last year's 3 Point Shootout Contest.

Nobody since Jason Kapono (2007-2008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.

The competitors with the highest score after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.

Stats through Feb. 6

Player Team 3PM 3PA %3P # Times
Marco Belinelli San Antonio Spurs 39 102 .382 Second Time
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 147 364 .404 Fourth Time
James Harden Houston Rockets 130 336 .387 First Time
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers 100 245 .408 Third Time
Kyle Korver Atlanta Hawks 149 280 .532 Third Time
Wesley Matthews Portland Trail Blazers 151 376 .402 First Time
JJ Redick Los Angeles Clippers 114 264 .432 First Time
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 145 325 .446 First Time