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Saturday February 15, New Orleans Arena

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The contest saved the best for last. With the new rules (4 additional money balls) players can score 34 points instead of 30, but the results on the first round were very weak.

Marco Belinelli's 19 points on the final seemed enough, but Bradley Beal scored a perfect last rack (first on the night) to tie Belinelli effort.
On the tiebreaker Belinelli made the best round of the night to win the contest.

Players 1st Round Final Tiebreaker
Marco Belinelli 19 19 24
Bradley Beal 21 19 18
Damian Lillard 18    
Kyrie Irving 17    
Kevin Love 16    
Stephen Curry 16    
Arron Afflalo 15    
Joe Johnson 11    


Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is back again to defend last year's 3 Point Shootout Contest title.

The competition in New Orleans will be really hard: 4 NBA All-Star players and 3 of the best NBA shooters (Kyle Korver declined the NBA invitation).

Nobody since Jason Kapono (2007-2008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.

There are four players from East conference and another four from West conference. The competitors with the highest score from each conference after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.

There's a new rule for the contest. Every rack has the usual 4 orange balls worth 1 point plus one three-color (money ball) worth 2 points. The change is that each player will be able to pick a 'money ball rack', wherever he feels more comfortable, to shot 5 money ball from there.

Stats through Feb. 6

Player Team 3PM 3PA %3P # Times
Arron Afflalo Orlando Magic 90 211 .427 First Time
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards 75 184 .408 First Time
Marco Belinelli San Antonio Spurs 74 167 .443 First Time
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 154 383 .402 Third Time
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers 81 229 .354 Second Time
Joe Johnson Brooklyn Nets 86 221 .389 Third Time
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers 140 346 .405 First Time
Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves 107 285 .375 Second Time

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